Top 7 places to explore in Darjeeling with Royal Enfield

Darjeeling Tour– a tour of a small hill station in the foothills of the eastern Himalayan region that is very popular among vacationers. Embraced with the splendid panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga, you can grab a clear shot of the sleeping Buddha from Tiger hill. With countless places of attraction, Darjeeling is visited by thousands of bikers every year.

To get an extra perception while exploring the Darjeeling tour, you can hire a Royal Enfield from a bike rental in Darjeeling and cruise through the roads in between the tea gardens, and challenge yourself in climbing the steep terrains.

We’ve sorted the top 7 places to explore in Darjeeling Tour with Royal Enfield to make your next bike trip more adventurous.

Ride to explore – Ride to live, make the engine roar while you’re moving through the street


Bijanbari is a small town located in a valley and an altitude of about 2,500ft. It is a small town with only a few thousand people living there. The local language here is Nepali and you cannot expect any city like facilities here.

Bijanbari is a place to experience the simple & traditional village life and appreciate the nature around you.

Sukhia Pokhari

A small Himalayan town equipped with almost all basic amenities and facilities that offer some of the most enchanting views of the lower Himalayas. In Sukhia Pokhari, you’ll find lakes, dense forests, and small rivers and if you are lucky enough, you’ll even experience snowfall here.

You can visit Sukhia Pokhari in any season and enjoy harmony with your family or friends here and enjoy some great moments with nature.


Also recognized as the land of white orchids, Kurseong is a botanical paradise and flower enthusiasts will surely love this town. You can spot a few waterfalls here with churches dated back to the colonial era and architecture.

You can experience the most imposing views of the hills & valley from here on a sunny day as everything becomes more vibrant than normal when the sunlight falls on it.

You can take Royal Enfield from a provider of bike rental in Darjeeling & explore Kurseong without any bounds.


The most challenging and tough place to reach in the entire Darjeeling region is Sandakphu. Nestled at an elevation of 11,930 feet, Sandakphu holds the record of being the highest location in West Bengal where you can experience some famous wonders of the world like Mt. Everest.

Sandakphu is basically a trekking route that recently has turned into a biking route also. With almost no roads in some places, riding to Sandakphu can be really tough and challenging depending on the rider’s experience.


The gateway to all the exotic destinations of North East, Siliguri itself has plenty of places to explore and countless activities in which you can participate. With places like Gajoldoba, Sukna, Sevak & Toribari, Siliguri is no less than a popular tourist destination compared to Darjeeling.

You can book a ride for yourself from a bike rental in Siliguri and discover all the places of attraction conveniently.


This is a perfect location to escape from the crowd of a city and relax. Chatakpur is located in a remote location below Darjeeling and is very less crowded by tourists and vacationers.

People who like to delve completely into nature and break all the connection with the other world for a few days; can prefer to make a halt in Chatakpur during their journey.


A village that was established as a military cantonment in the British colonial era has turned out to be one of the most beautiful tourist hubs of this generation.

You’ll find a variety of birds singing in the dense forest of Takdah with many tea gardens and waterfalls that will make you stay in this small isolated village for a long time.

Don’t Just Plan – Execute It!

The queen of hills – Darjeeling Tour will make to fall in love with its beauty and grace. You just cannot avoid the fact that Darjeeling is one of India’s most visited destinations by tourists & bikers throughout the year.

And the vacation becomes more provocative when you’ll cruise in the hills, sitting on a Royal Enfield!