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Bike Rental in Siliguri for your Bike Trip in North East

Bike rental in Siliguri is the biking hub of the North-East offering bike rental to Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling Hills, and North East India. Road Riders aims to be a one-stop destination for motorcyclists coming to explore North-East. Road Rider is run by some of the dedicated motorcyclists who have vast knowledge about this region and had been guiding motorcyclists for the past couple of years. Nature is always kind to the Eastern Himalayan Range with its exposition of elegant landscapes. The paths of this region carved out through the landscapes which made it even more attractive and approachable.

Bike rental in Siliguri offers bikes from bike rental services, exclusive route and itinerary sharing, hotel bookings to immigration help for Sikkim and Bhutan; you will get every service from this company. Only a good company can provide your desired bike, including Royal Enfield Bullet (Classic 350 & 500), Himalayan, Thunderbird, Avenger 220, KTM Duke 200 etc and all the required amenities. The snow-clad mountains, high rising hills, lush and verdant flora, curvy roads, streams of Mountain Rivers add a distinctive essence to the landscape of the North East. If you are planning for a bike tour, North East has many amazing destinations to amaze you. These bike ride tours generally start from Siliguri, and bike rental in Siliguri make it even hassle-free for travelers to go ahead.


Why Choose this Bike rental in Siliguri over others ?

Bike rental in Siliguri has been established with the sole purpose of exclusively promoting motorcycle tours. For motorcycle enthusiasts, Siliguri is a heaven and our company intends to give you an unforgettable and fascinating journey on two wheels throughout this magical and mystical region. We, the bike rental in Siliguri welcome you to come along with us on this journey and we assure you the best of services and comfort during your visit here. No travel plans will be completed without visiting the gateway of North East; Siliguri. This city is the main junction, where from the roads of different holiday destinations divert. The moment you decide to head for a bike expedition, all you have to do is to look for a reputed bike rental in Siliguri. 

Salient features of Bike rental in Siliguri:
  • The moment you confirm your ride, you will get a guaranteed booking.
  • As we based in Siliguri itself, you won’t face any issue about contacting us.
  • We have a numerous range of bike, from off-road, sports, to cruiser bikes.
  • We accept online payments.
  • You will get 24*7 Customer service.


Bike rental in Siliguri for Bhutan Bike Trip

Bike rental in Siliguri for Bhutan Bike Trip to explore the Carbon-free zone of the world. From a couple of years, bike rental in Siliguri is operating tours in this country. When someone plans a trip, they do it with courage and excitement and we are here to greet your courage with our inherent belief. Whatever you pick for your trip; we are here to welcome you whole-heartedly. We will show you the best opportunity to experience the local culture, the magic and the splendour of this country. Experience Bhutan like never before with bike rental in Bhutan.

When it comes to being a traveler, we choose diversified geographical terrains and climatic conditions over anything. Sometimes, best things often come in smallest packages, and while you ride to the smallest state in the Himalayan range, Bhutan, you are bound to get the best. This Eastern Himalayan state is also known as druk gyal khap. What acts as the cherry on the top is the country is the second least populated in the world, which makes it a certain choice of travel enthusiasts.

Bike rental in Siliguri for Darjeeling Bike Trip

Bike rental in Siliguri for Darjeeling Bike Trip is one of the longest-running adventure, trek and tour operators in Darjeeling that stands apart from the rest. We specialize in motorcycle tours, rafting, cultural tours, mountain biking, day tours, and paragliding etc. Road Riders offers you to wake up to mesmerizing views of Darjeeling with incredible biking options. With the services of bike rental in Darjeeling experience the adrenaline rush of mountain biking through the foothills of the Himalayas. Enjoy professionally run cultural tours, day tours and local sightseeing in their company jeeps. Through the eyes of experienced tour guides, discover local cultures and customs which few have managed to experience.

Whether you are a hardened traveler, a novice, or searching for some downtime, the team at Road Riders will work with you to help you to design one unforgettable and memorable experience. Safety and detailed attention are the foremost priority at bike rental in Siliguri. We provide top quality equipment and gear at daily rental costs. And, a fully stocked medical kit will be available for any emergency with guides for all the time. We, Bike rental in Siliguri also provide quick and reliable service in an affordable budget which makes travelers happy and satisfied.


Bike rental in Siliguri for Gangtok Bike Trip

Bike rental in Siliguri for Gangtok Bike Trip provides all the essential amenities and requirements to adventure lovers and nature buffs for the best road trip. In North East India, Gangtok, The capital of Sikkim as the cleanest place for tourism with its mesmerizing beauty. This town has its divine beauty in the view of MT. Kanchenjunga and the alluring views will make you crave for a road trip. Gangtok is all about the clouds, the greenery , and the snow-covered hill, which will give you mental peace.

Road riders combined expeditions and adventures for bikers of all inclinations and every budget. With bike rental in Siliguri, a rider will get top-eco-sustainability certifies top-quality, top- safety, and last but not the least reliability.

Here are some of the reasons why bike rental in Siliguri for Gangtok bike trip is best in this field:
  • The guides of the company offering bike rental in Gangtok know each and every village, a scenic spot that everyone will love, or some off the beaten trails.
  • We are innovative, and experienced and to suit your own personal tastes and preferences; and also offer advice and designing itineraries.
  • You can choose from one of our popular itineraries or you are free to pick any group journeys.

Places worth visiting to add up the essence of the road trip with Road Riders

It is highly recommended to explore the most fascinating locations that are led through from Siliguri.

  • Dooars
  • Mirik
  • Gorumara
  • Darjeeling
  • Kurseong
  • Gangtok
  • Bhutan
  • Pelling
  • Silk Route
  • Thimphu

Why Road Riders is perfect for your Bike Trip ?

In North East, bike rental in Siliguri is perfect, and the largest authorized bike rental company. We have hassle-free online bike renting solution, so just drop your destination and we will offer bike for you. We provide travelers, explorers, and riders the easiest and most hassle-free traveling option. Forget about the boring days of your life, as you can rent a bike for a leisure trip, traveling needs, or for an outing to a hill station solo or with your loved ones.

The catchiest thing about the bike rental in Siliguri is; we have a fleet of well-maintained& GPS-enabled cruiser bikes (including Bullet 350 & 500, Thunderbird 350 & 500, Bullet Himalayan, Harley Davidson Iron 883, and Avenger 220), and sports bike (KTM Duke 200, Benelli TNT 600i, Dominar 400 and even Yamaha FZ). For booking purposes, you just need to submit your documents, including valid Indian Driving Licence & valid address proof, which is followed by deposition of the affordable security deposit. Before cruising off to the journey, just recheck the health of the bikes to ensure a flawless experience ahead.

Some quick tips for travelers for a memorable expedition with Road Riders

Road Riders provide all the well-maintained fleet of heavy bikes. Experience of curvy roads along the slope, hairpin bends and scenic beauty of mountains veiled with snow.

Few points one must keep in mind to avoid any problems:
  • Do not interfere into local’s personal affair and always respects people’s privacy.
  • Dress modestly while you are visiting any religious places.
  • Take a local guide, as it will be helpful for your trip.
  • If you are trekking, always follow the considered path.
  • Carry ID cards and passports all the time.
  • Do not Smoke or drink in sacred sites.

So don’t delay to take a voyage through the mountains and woods, when bike rental in Siliguri is just a click a click away.